About us

CBT company is registered in 2008 and has an office in Vilnius (Lithuania). The main activity of CBT is international trade. Our main partners are world-famous companies such as Officine Mario Dorin (Italy), WP Bakary Technjlogies (Germany), Hioki Group (Japan), Worthington Industries USA and others.

CBT has a large international trading experience and therefore we value the economic, social and ethical values of society, honestly fulfill our obligations to people, partners and government.

Our company has its own logistics service, we can deliver goods from anywhere in the world, carry out all customs procedures and, most importantly, do it professionally, quickly and efficiently.

CBT does not stand still, we monitor the market and constantly increase the number of trading positions and areas in the field of business development. One of these promising areas is the industrial processing of technical fat.

CBT has been studying this topic for several years, more precisely since 2016. The fight against bad ecology, problems of utilization, as well as the shortage and high cost of traditional energy resources (oil and gas) prompted us to study this topic. We invited qualified specialists who helped us with this task.

Today, CBT is ready to supply animal and vegetable technical oils for biodiesel production.

Our oils are high quality raw material. We minimize all the problems that may arise from the buyer in the delivery of our raw materials. CBT aims to interact with all interested companies and is confident in their abilities.